From November 2015, our company produces ORGANIC manner, but what does it mean?

In our farm, you can define a product placed in a biological chain that must guarantee the consumer and ensure that it is able to recognize where each component of that product.

That is, if there is a traceability from the procurement of seed (or cutting) to the final result, passing necessarily through the use of soil, fertilizer and everything else needed for production.

All this according to a precise Protocol guaranteed by certification.

Certifying agency ICEA: Institute for ethical and environmental certification.

Geel Floricultura - Prduzione Biologica certificata ICEA

Do organic farming is not just about producing food but was referred to a new way of conceiving the concept of enterprise. For us, organic production means, above all, a choice that comes from knowing you have to leave tomorrow to our children a rich earth of all life in perfect balance.

Certificate of conformity Organic ICEA

Produzione biologica piante aromantiche in vaso - Geel Floricultura

Geel flower growing has obtained the certificate of conformity Organic

ICEA IT BIO 006 E2362

Geel Floricultura. Certificato di conformità ICEA piante aromatiche biologiche

Awards and recognitions

Prize "Este" 2014
Prize "Franciacorta": 1° Prize contest in 2014 Flower "best Exhibition Stand"
Prize "Este" 2015
Prize "Franciacorta" 2015: Honorable mention Award "Best Stand flower nurseries"
Prize "Flowers in Mirano 2015": 1 St place "showcases"
Prize "Horticultural Milan 2015": Award for most significant plant for rarity and beauty of form
Award "Murabilia Lucca 2015"
Prize "Noale in bloom" 2016: merit "best arrangement"
Prize "in the sign of the lily" 2016:1° award of merit
Prize "Este" 2016:3° Prize "best arrangement"
Prize "Flowers in Mirano" 2016: voted # 1 "best exhibitor"
Prize "Darfo Boario" 2016 "best set design"
Prize "Franciacorta" 2016:3° prize competition "best stand hospitality industry"
Award "Murabilia 2016": 1 St place aesthetic presentation stand plants – For the exhibition of the collection of aromatic and medicinal plants with easily accessible and educational value
Prize rarity "Orticolario 2016": Moringa oleifera, plant with multiple uses, in particular for human and animal nutrition
Prize "Este" 2017: Best exhibition stand
Prize "Franciacorta" 2017: mention competition "best stand hospitality industry"
Award "three days for Garden" mention 2017 2017 to encourage and stimulate the young gardener activity nurserymen
Style: jury prize "Horticultural" 2017 – Prize for the best exposure for the preparation and attention to detail