Geel Floriculture is present as Exhibitor the most significant and important exhibitions of the industry, including Horticultural Milan, Orticolario Cernobbioor, Murabilia and Verdemura Lucca, Mirano, Este in bloom, Franciacorta and Flor Turin.

Recent Awards

Prize "Este" 2014
Prize "Franciacorta": 1° Prize contest in 2014 Flower "best Exhibition Stand"
Prize "Este" 2015
Prize "Franciacorta" 2015: Honorable mention Award "Best Stand flower nurseries"
Prize "Flowers in Mirano 2015": 1 St place "showcases"
Prize "Horticultural Milan 2015": Award for most significant plant for rarity and beauty of form
Award "Murabilia Lucca 2015"
Prize "Noale in bloom" 2016: merit "best arrangement"
Prize "in the sign of the lily" 2016:1° award of merit
Prize "Este" 2016:3° Prize "best arrangement"
Prize "Flowers in Mirano" 2016: voted # 1 "best exhibitor"
Prize "Darfo Boario" 2016 "best set design"
Prize "Franciacorta" 2016:3° prize competition "best stand hospitality industry"
Award "Murabilia 2016": 1 St place aesthetic presentation stand plants – For the exhibition of the collection of aromatic and medicinal plants with easily accessible and educational value
Prize rarity "Orticolario 2016": Moringa oleifera, plant with multiple uses, in particular for human and animal nutrition
Prize "Este" 2017: Best exhibition stand
Prize "Franciacorta" 2017: mention competition "best stand hospitality industry"
Award "three days for Garden" mention 2017 2017 to encourage and stimulate the young gardener activity nurserymen
Style: jury prize "Horticultural" 2017 – Prize for the best exposure for the preparation and attention to detail

Photo Gallery Awards

Supplier of Giuliano Baldessari of Aqua restaurant Crua

Among our clients figure Giuliano Baldessari, Michelin-starred chef and judge of the program TopChef, which in its restaurant Aqua Crua, offers unpublished trials.


Geel Floricoltura fornitore di Giuliano Baldessari ristorante Aqua Crua
Piatto di Giuliano Baldessari Chef Stellato Ristorante Aqua Crua
Piatto di Giuliano Baldessari Chef Stellato Ristorante Aqua Crua