Botanical name: Vitex agnus-castus

Vitex agnus-castus is a shrub belonging to the family of the Verbenaceae.

Commonly called "pepper of the monks", the Chaste tree can reach a height of 5-6 meters and is characterized by the presence of a lanceolate foliage, which turns into spring with the appearance of purple-lilac panniculus inflorescences. If left on the plant, these lead to the development of black berries from very strong flavor.

The leaves of ’ Chaste tree exude also a parparticular aroma pleasing to bees and butterflies.

Data sheet

  • Family
  • Duration
  • Dwelling
    Full Sun
  • Temperature
    Rustica (from -5° to -20° c and above)
  • Watering
  • Land
    Well drained
Product Categories: Tree peonies, The aromatic, Honey bees, Perennials, and Spices.
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