Agastache ‘Golden Jubilee’

Botanical name: Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee'

AGASTACHE foeniculum ' Golden Jubilee ' is a herbaceous perennial belonging to the genus of rustic Agastache, endemic to North America.

This variety is distinguished by the color lemon yellow foliage, which is particularly decorative in the time of flowering of the plant. The flower spikes it produces as of summer are in fact of an intense medium blue.

The plant can reach a height of between 45 and 60 cm.

Not only purely decorative, the leaves of Agastache aniseed aroma are also used as flavouring in preparing infusions.

Data sheet

  • Family
  • Duration
  • Dwelling
    Full Sun
  • Temperature
    Rustica (from -5° to -20° c and above)
  • Watering
  • Land
    Light and well drained
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