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Passionate about? Curious? Professional?

Send us your best shot!

To participate click Likes on Facebook page GEEL Floriculture and submit a photo that has as its subject a aromatic plant.
Where? On Facebook page GEEL Floriculture or via email at ’ address!

From 4 March 2017 looking forward to your photos!

Don't forget to specify author taken, species and variety in question, place taken and title chosen for the picture!
The photo will be uploaded on our page!

The image that will receive more likes within the hours 20:00 of the day 4/17/2017 will be rewarded with three plants (subject to availability) from our online catalog. We will ship directly to your door!

Participation is absolutely free and participants have no obligation to any requirement. You can use any device to make your shots.

Please send your photos!

Important! The likes must appear on your image from us posted on the Facebook page GEEL Floriculture. Spread the word!